As the governing body of the game of rugby union football in the Army, the Army Rugby Union (ARU) has an obligation to ensure that all areas of responsibility are managed in accordance with the instructions, laws and byelaws of the higher authorities to whom they are responsible. In support of this the ARU has a written constitution that provides the framework under which it must operate and the constitution document is produced within the guidelines of the governing authorities. (Note: The ARU is governed by the Rugby Football Union which is the body responsible for the running of the ‘game’ in England which includes all affiliated Army units irrespective of location. Military governance on Army Sport and Sport in the Army is issued by The Adjutant General (AG) through the Army Sports Control Board (ASCB))


It has been identified by the ARU that in support of the constitution, there are areas where policy needs to be clarified and broadcast to the ARU membership and the wider Army rugby community. It is therefore the aim of this document to provide that clarity in the relevant areas so that personnel involved in Army rugby have full transparency over the way it operates in support of its aims. Although not a ‘live’ document the ARU will continue to add and clarify policy in all areas and also update and amend as and when required. All policy and amendments including changes to the ARU constitution will be presented to the ARU Annual General Meeting (AGM) for ratification by the membership. This document does not deal specifically with the management of policy for the ARU charitable trust which has its own trust deeds and is governed by the Management Board under the laws of the Companies Act 2006 and the guidance issued by the Charity Commission.

Download the Complete ARU Policy Document (ver 2.1) (pdf 222kb)


Policy Name View Policy Further Information
Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Page
Membership Policy Membership Policy (pdf 189kb) Membership Page
Health and Safety Policy Health and Safety Policy (pdf 154kb) Health & Safety page
Overseas Tour Policy Overseas Tour Policy (pdf 95kb) Overseas Tour page
Combined Service Selection Policy Combined Service Selection Policy (pdf 90kb)
ARU Player’s Charter ARU Player’s Charter (pdf 98kb)
ARU Policy on Cross-Code Activity ARU Policy on Cross-Code Activity(pdf 89kb) This policy covers the cross over of players playing rugby under either Union and League codes.
Policy NameView PolicyFurther Information
Privacy PolicyPrivacy PolicyPrivacy Policy Page
Membership PolicyMembership Policy (pdf 189kb)Membership Page
Health and Safety PolicyHealth and Safety Policy (pdf 154kb)Health & Safety Page
Overseas Tour PolicyOverseas Tour Policy (pdf 95kb)Overseas Tour Page
Combined Service Selection PolicyCombined Service Selection Policy (pdf 90kb)
ARU Player's CharterARU Player's Charter (pdf 98kb)
ARU Policy on Cross-Code ActivityARU Policy on Cross-Code Activity (pdf 89kb)This policy covers the cross over of players playing rugby under either Union and League codes.