ARURS Match Official Protocol

ARURS Match Officials Protocol – Posted 12 Sept 2018 (.DOC 455kb)


Army Rugby Union Referees Society Law Trails for 2017 – Posted 23 Nov 16 (.DOCX 20kb)

New Law Decision – Law 9.19 – Added 27 Sep 18

Information for Referees

RFU Match Official Development Send Out No.1 / 2016-17 – Added 14 Sep 16

Amendment to Maul Guideline implementation date Updated 19 Jan 2016

World Rugby – Law Clarification 7 – Updated 17 Sep 2015

World Rugby – Law Clarification 6 – Updated 14 Sep 2015

World rugby Application of Laws for Sevens Rugby Tournaments – updated 18 Feb 15 (DOC 1.4MB)

Scrum Engagement – Players, Coaches and Referee Update August 2013 Posted 14 Aug 2013 (PDF)

Provisional Suspension – Letter to Referees August 2013

Scrum Engagement Global Try – Update Posted 29 May 2013

Substance Misuse

Use of Supplements. Energy requirements depend on an individual’s level of physical activity and will vary from day to day, and task to task. A diet that provides adequate energy from a wide range of foods can meet the carbohydrate, protein, fat and micronutrient requirements of physical training and operations. Food provided by the Ministry of Defence is scientifically researched and designed to provide the daily dietary intake required to sustain service personnel in all military environments. Dietary supplements should not be used to compensate for poor food choices and an inadequate diet where a choice exists, but dietary supplements that provide additional energy and/or essential nutrients may be useful when food intake or food choices are restricted for reasons including operational constraints, travel and periods when preparation and/or consumption of adequate meals is not possible or desirable. The use of dietary supplements in such instances would reduce the risk of developing nutrient deficiencies that could impair both health and performance. Service personnel contemplating the use of dietary supplements should consider their efficacy, their cost, the risk to health and performance, and the potential for a positive Compulsory Drug Test result. Full information is available at the following three links:

a. Use of Supplements by Members of the Armed Forces (PDF)

b. Army Policy on the use of Supplements by Soldiers (PDF).

c. www..Informed-Sport.Com