Health and Safety (H&S)

  1. The current Army policy regarding the provision of pitch side medical cover for sports events is contained at Duty Holding (DH) in the Army FRAGO Sport and Adventurous Training.
  2. Details and advice regarding rugby related H&S issues can be found on the RFU website.
  3. Rugby Officers are to ensure that Risk Assessments (RA) are carried out and recorded prior to all rugby events in compliance with JSP 375 leaflets 11 and 23. They are also to complete the ARU match safety checklist which should accompany the RA.
  4. All ARU club coaches are to ensure that correct tackling technique is known and understood to reduce the likelihood of injury. Coaches should attend regular CPD events to ensure that they remain current with safe tackling techniques.
  5. Any injuries that occur whilst playing rugby or taking part in organised rugby training should be reported using AF510 and submitted via your Chain of Command to the Army Incident Notification Cell (AINC).
  6. Any injuries that result in a player or manager being admitted to hospital (but not those admitted and then discharged from Accident or Emergency departments) or deaths that occur within 6 hours of the game finishing are required to fill out a RFU Reportable Injury Event Report which is submitted to the ARU Secretary.
  7. All personnel involved with the game should be aware of the RFU’s concussion standards and the ARU’s concussion protocol.
  8. Any issues with ARU H&S policy can be directed to the ARU Secretary, Mr Chris Fowke on 94222 7080 or email

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